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Green Misty Slopes

Sadly Gravitas will be closing from the 25th of April, to know more about it head over on our social. 


Experience harmony between yourself and your powerful body.

Step back into the world with strength, feeling nourished and fully relaxed.

GRAVITAS is a Glasgow based wellbeing and massage centre.
We use holistic therapies to release muscular pain, alleviating emotional tension and nurturing your senses.

Active empathy, kindness, patience and scientific knowledge are at the heart of all our treatments, whether it be a full body massage, a foot massage or a tailored wellbeing program.

All bodies are cherished and welcomed.

We also run workshops, classes and beautifully crafted events.

The solo corner of Gravitas, a beautiful victorian bucket chair next to a lush parlour palm and a floor mirror, on a gorgeous rug.
The therapy room of Gravitas, on the right there's a marble table with lit candles on top and large brass wall mounted plate. The walls are a deep green, and the room is lit by a soft warm light. The motorised massage bed is on the left, on top of a full room floor rug with cream and deep burgundy color.
a sunlight extended dark mahogany table, with 6 chairs. There's multiple laptop as its a shared workdesk.
A consultation room part of the therapy room, there's 3 victorian deep green chairs. The floor has a golden rug and a mirror is leaning against the wall reflecting some of the entry light.
A spacious workshop area, with a full size floor rug, 2 column pillar with a chair next to each and in the distance there's the workspace shared table, 5 wall windows that show the outside while the sunlight illuminates the photo.
No upcoming events at the moment
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