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GRAVITAS is a Glasgow based wellbeing and holistic centre; specialised in wellness therapies, arts and transcendence.

Our work relies on restoring harmony between the physical and neurobiological (how the nervous system affects biological processes) by releasing muscular pain, alleviating emotional tension and nurturing your human experience.

We use limbic therapy techniques and a neuropathic approach within all our treatments in the goal of addressing your body-trauma responses.

Some of services we provide include massages (Swedish, Deep Tissue, Sports and Remedial, Aromatherapy, Hot Stones); wellness sessions (stress management, guidance, meditation) we also run classes, workshops and art events.

Tropical Leaves

Big words to say that we really care about you.
We wouldn't be providing these services if we didn't. 

We see and understand humans in their whole complexity and identity.

We won't judge the amount of "exercise" you do, your lifestyle or your body shape.


Our interest lies on investigating, strengthening or re-establishing that body-mind connection that sometimes gets lost in this overwhelming society and ease those muscular problems you have been dealing with.

That is why on our premises we tread careful with words such as  "healing", "fixing", "cure", simply because you are not sick nor are you broken; you are in pain and we relate to that.

We pride ourselves in using an attentive, effective and caring approach that will leave you refreshed and ready to step back into the world with confidence and strength; easily accessible in Glasgow.

GRAVITAS is proudly queer owned, and we strive to make it a welcoming space for any gender identity and sexual expression with some of our treatments being specifically tailored to this community.


Zero tolerance policy for racism, transphobia and any other form of discriminative behaviour.


All our services are trauma informed and we are qualified to hold a nurturing safe space for you to relax, unwind and regenerate.

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