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If you are looking for a quirky, opulent, classy, elegant moody or all around carefully crafted space, we are here for you.

Ideal for private events, corporate functions, weddings, mother's blessings, baby showers, birthdays and family gathering, we are here for you.

Looking for a venue hire that feels like an extension of your home, without the pretentiousness and where you can bring your own drinks without extra charge? We are here for you.

GRAVITAS is a community, providing space to people, creatives to perform, artists to showcase their talents. It also allows other groups a glorious space for their work, either that being a workshop, classes, retreats or anything else!


Following our ethos is very important, so we need to make sure all the people that become part of the GRAVITAS family (even if temporarily) respect them.


To understand more of our core values read our about section.

If you'd like to talk about potential classes you would like to run, performance nights or anything else, either pop along or send us a message!

No upcoming events at the moment
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