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An image of the founder of Gravitas picking flower

Andy is the founder and main therapist at GRAVITAS. He is passionate about holistic leaving, victorian aesthetics, hedge-sitting, art and picking flowers to dry.

Their journey to wellbeing has been an intricate one: leaving an extremist religious cult in late twenties and crawling back to health ever since, while experiencing depression and anxiety disorder; his life is a proof that our journey is ever-changing and it is never too late to embrace your true strength, in whatever shape or capacity. An active listener, with a generous soul that found their calling in helping others thrive.

They come from a performing and movement background and now dedicate their time to let Gravitas blossom and create the community he has been longing for.

Having Fibromyalgia has led them to adventure in somatic ways to deal with pain, nervous system response and boundaries.

Qualified in Wellness and Complementary Therapies he is currently studying Medical Herbalism and COSCA Counselling. 


Sam is our in-house photographer and social-media expert, while also helping out as Front of House.

He grew up in a small knit community in Shetland, where since a young age he was involved with by working with local artists and makers; while at the same time prancing around in heels and make-up.

He is currently finishing his Fine Art Photography degree at Glasgow School of Art. (You can see his work dotted around the space!)

Sam is  a wonderful host that goes the extra mile, you will probably end up being friends without realising.

If you would like to be part of our family, run your workshops, classes or become one of our therapists, get in touch here!

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