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Why should I get a massage?

Massages are great for a few different reasons:

- Relaxation: Your nervous system will enter a parasympathetic state (the opposite of flight/...

What if snore, drool, fall asleep? What if I skin conditions? What if..

We consider it a privilege to work with you and your body, regardless of its shape and form. Do not feel embarrassed, we are here to create a therapeutic session for you to be empowered in, not to judge you.

Humans come in different shapes and we cherish them all, so try to let go, relax and fall asleep. 


I have never had a massage, what happens during a session?

First thing, thanks for choosing us, for this big privilege! Massages can seem weird, however they are actually a simple process.

When you arrive you will be invited to take a seat in the treatment room, there we'll have a brief

What should I wear during a treatment?

Whatever you are comfortable with. Most people decide stay in their underwear, wear sport shorts or be fully undressed.

That does not change the quality or the type of work your will receive and regardless of what ...

I suddenly feel anxious, not comfortable and need support.

You have the right to tell us immediately, in whatever way that takes place, and we encourage you to do so.

Throughout the treatment we will have checkins with you, and you can take those as a chance ...


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